Attorney Testimonials – Probate Law

What Our Clients Have to Say:
Attorney Testimonials – Probate Law

“I am very pleased to offer my recommendation of Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. It is often difficult to find a professional investigator with the knowledge and background necessary for my practice. Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. handles the job quickly, and their work product is extremely professional. I recommend them highly.”

Mitchell J. Beers, Esq.

“Mark and his team have proven discrete and exhaustive in the information that they obtained. Without his investigative skills and incredible acumen, I would not have had access to highly critical data. The information un-earthed by Complete Legal Investigations has been the bedrock that allowed me to expose and restore that which legally belonged to my clients. I am deeply gratified to have such a wonderful resource available to my clients.”

Lise Hudson, Esq.

“I have used the services of Mark Murnan and Complete Legal Investigations over the last several years. In each instance, Mark and his team were quick to respond to my requests. The work product is thorough and timely. I feel confident when Mr. Murnan and Complete Legal Investigations are involved in my client’s case that the work will be done diligently and efficiently.”

Joseph M. Considine, Esq.

“I have worked with Mark Murnan and Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. on a variety of cases over the last several years. Their ability to get the job done is unmatched. Whether it is locating the hard-to-find witness, getting statements from an uncooperative witness, or combing through a mountain of documents to get the smoking gun, they get it done. Complete Legal’s thorough investigative work has been the deciding factor in several of my cases. When my case demands an impeccable investigation, I turn to Complete Legal Investigations, Inc.”

Eric Romano, Esq.