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resolvedThe following summaries include the variety of criminal cases our agency handles.

State v. Gomez. Client charged with First Degree Murder in brutal homicide of drug informant. The defendant, an undocumented worker, was misidentified by a cooperating witness. Numerous co-workers and employers confirmed the client was in another part of the state and had never been to Palm Beach County. Our investigation was presented to the prosecutor, who dismissed charges against the client and ordered his release. (2010) Read Full Article

State v. Heartsong. Client charged with first degree murder in “cold case” homicide involving the violent death of his wife. Alibi evidence secured by defense and lack of motive lead to acquittal at trial. Case received national publicity as featured on NBC’s “Dateline” and CBS’s “48 Hours”. (2008)

State v. Persad. Client’s conviction and 43-year sentence overturned at hearing on ineffective assistance of counsel claim. Investigation disclosed issues in process of identification and possibility of tainted photo line-up. (2006) Click Here to Play Video

State v. Cooley. Client and two co-defendants charged with First Degree Murder in drive-by shooting. Alibi witnesses and recanted testimony by key state witnesses, along with DNA evidence from the vehicle allegedly used in the shooting, led to a nolle prosse filed by the State Attorney. (2006)

United States v. Bannister. Client charged with Possession with Intent To Distribute Marijuana. Acquitted at trial after establishing improper police procedures and producing “missing” witness. (2005)

State of Florida v. H.W. Client charged with Sexual Activity with a Child. Case nolle prossed after numerous witnesses located by defense investigator refuted alleged victim’s testimony at deposition. (2005)

State of Florida v. J.T.   Client charged with Lewd or Lascivious Battery. Acquitted at trial after extensive interviews by investigator of family and friends of victim and client and skilled depositions by defense counsel. (2004)

State of Florida v. Etienne. Client charged with Attempted First Degree Murder. Acquitted at trial despite eyewitness testimony that victim was shot nine times at point-blank range; defense successfully argued self-defense. (2003)

State of Florida v. Cordovez. Client charged with Aggravated Battery with Firearm. Judgment of acquittal entered by judge when one of two victims, located by defense investigator, admitted that client had not been the shooter, and that second victim originally identified one of his own friends as the shooter. (2002)

State of Florida v. Deronceler. Client charged with 10-20-Life offense of Attempted Armed Burglary and Aggravated Assault with Firearm in July 4th shooting incident; acquitted at trial despite testimony from five eyewitnesses. (2002)

United States v. Lorret. Client charged with swindling $6 million from Russian Republic of Tatarstan in complex oil fraud case. Judgment of acquittal granted by court. (2001)

United States v. Ojeda. Client charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute crack cocaine based on assistance from confidential informant. Investigation revealed the CI was working off a 140-year sentence and arranged the drug deal from local state prison; CI was released after serving only 7 years of original sentence. Ojeda acquitted after jury found evidence of entrapment by CI and DEA task force agent. (2001)

United States v. Brandau, Billinghurst, et al. Client charged in multi-count indictment as part of $100 million viatical insurance fraud. Sole defendant acquitted. Sentences for remaining defendants convicted at trial ranged from 20-50 years. (2000)