29As a justice lawyer, you are singularly committed to representing your injured client. Your staff, your attention, your energies are dedicated to navigating your client through the obstacles thrown out by insurance companies and opposing counsel in your pursuit of justice on his or her behalf.

So do you have a “double agent” working with you?

Many private investigators work for both sides on injury cases. On some cases, they represent insurance companies and their defense firms; on other cases, they represent justice lawyers and their plaintiffs. One day they will follow a plaintiff around as he goes to the doctor, filming his activities in an effort to show he’s exaggerating his injuries. The next day, they’ll take a statement from a witness to a crash for a plaintiff lawyer. But the economics dictate that most PI’s who work injury cases derive more ongoing income from insurance companies than from justice lawyers.

At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., we think that’s a conflict of interest.

Now, technically, there’s nothing prohibiting an investigator from working for both plaintiff firms and defense firms or insurance companies (as long as it is not the same case or claimant). But wouldn’t it be nice to have an investigator that was as committed to the plaintiff bar as justice lawyers are to their clients? After all, YOU don’t work for insurance companies. Why should your investigator?

That’s why on injury cases, we don’t work for insurance companies or defense firms. We work exclusively for YOU— the justice lawyer. You’ll never have to worry that we’re “in the pocket” of a big insurance company. Our staff members have worked for plaintiff firms, and we understand the particular needs of justice lawyers.

And not only do we decline cases from defense firms and insurance companies, we are active sponsors of the Palm Beach County Justice Association.

You’re committed to your injured clients. And at Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., we’re committed to you. We provide you (and if you’re a plaintiff’s lawyer, ONLY you) with accurate, reliable, and timely information that leads to better settlements and larger verdicts.

Call us at (561) 687-8381 to discuss your needs. We provide a menu of services to plaintiff lawyers, including recorded statements, crash scene and vehicle documentation, client interviews, background checks on adverse drivers, and locating witnesses.