Limit Your Liability

liabilityIs your investigator licensed? Unlicensed activity is a crime in Florida. Licensed investigators in Florida are required to submit an application to the state Division of Licensing. The application documents the applicant’s qualifications and his or her experience, and each applicant must also pass an examination on the statute governing licensed investigators (Chapter 493). This examination tests the applicant’s knowledge of privacy restrictions, records retention, and confidentiality. Failure to pass the examination or having insufficient work experience to qualify will bar an applicant from licensure. At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., we are licensed as private investigators (Class “C”) and we maintain a license as a Private Investigative Agency (Class “A”). Our associates are also licensed by the state, and we verify licensure before assigning an investigator to your case. You have enough on your plate without worrying whether your investigator is complying with the law.

Is your investigator insured? Florida law was changed several years ago, and it is no longer a requirement for Florida licensed investigators to carry liability insurance. This means that there are hundreds of licensed investigators who do not carry any liability insurance whatsoever. At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., however, we believe that as professionals providing investigative services to professionals, we are obligated to carry liability insurance to protect our business and yours. Do you carry liability coverage for your practice? Then you should consider whether the professionals you retain should also carry liability coverage for their businesses. You have enough on your plate without worrying whether your investigator is a potential “liability.”

Is your investigator certified? Continuing education is an ongoing obligation for professionals. Certifications from legitimate accrediting associations are valuable indicators of an investigator’s skill development and commitment to ethical standards. At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., our principals carry certifications as a Certified Legal Investigator (CLI), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Paralegal (CP) and Florida Registered Paralegal (FRP). When weighing the decision between two apparently qualified professionals, doesn’t it make sense to choose the professional who attains and maintains his or her professional certification? You have enough on your plate without worrying whether your investigator is truly qualified.

Is your investigator “legal”? As an attorney, you have to navigate the ever-increasing regulatory and ethical practice of law. Does your investigator claim that he or she can obtain bank account or securities account information? Does your investigator know the rules for obtaining and maintaining evidence that can be introduced in court? Does your investigator understand the privacy and ethical issues of gathering information from social media, or maintaining and guarding personal identifiers gathered during an investigation? At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., we know the civil and criminal justice systems in both state and federal courts. We understand what information can be disclosed and what needs to be shielded. We do not violate federal or state law while conducting asset investigations. Our investigators know the boundaries and restrictions on information that can be gathered legally and ethically. As “legal investigators” ourselves, we have cultivated an atmosphere of compliance with state and federal law and maintain the highest ethical standards in gathering and maintaining information in a hyper-sensitive legal environment. You have enough on your plate without worrying whether your investigator is violating federal or state privacy laws on your behalf.