49If your client has been charged with a criminal violation he or she faces the real possibility of a long prison sentence or probation and loss of civil rights. The government or the state, with all of its resources, is ready to convict, and you need a trained criminal defense investigator on your team to level the playing field. A skilled investigator can uncover reasonable doubt or find the information you need to mitigate the charges. He or she can also help improve your odds of winning the case by participating in the discovery process.

Reviewing the discovery for legal arguments is fundamental to the development of your case. Of course you do it; you would never consider skipping this important step. But without realizing it, you may be skipping over another, equally important step – review of discovery with the client. Consider the benefits of partnering with a professional investigator to include your client in the discovery process:

  • The investigator can interview your client for a first-hand account. A skilled investigator may notice something valuable in your clients’ account that the police missed, such as a discrepancy with eyewitness testimony, additional witnesses, details about the crime scene, etc.  Wouldn’t you like to know that before you go to trial?
  • The investigator has the opportunity to uncover additional relevant facts to support your client’s account and legal defenses.
  • The investigator can inform you of any inaccuracies, questions, or weaknesses in the evidence and discovery process, so you can prepare your case appropriately.
  • The more you know, the better you can prepare. Working with a professional investigator reduces your risk of unpleasant surprises during trial.

The professional investigators at CLI have the skills necessary to review discovery with your client. Our investigators are attentive to detail, experienced at conducting interviews, maintain scrupulous records, and know how to build trust and rapport. We are available to partner with you in developing your case. Our top-notch investigators will help obtain and review all available evidence, including audio recordings, video statements, surveillance videos, documentary evidence, photographs, description of physical evidence, and various digital media.

The discovery process can be time consuming and frustrating. The time you spend filing requests for information and corresponding with law enforcement is time you cannot spend on something else. The investigators at CLI can handle this for you while you take care of other things that specifically require your attention. Our work supports your work, and we will provide you with copies of all transcripts, requests for information and correspondence with law enforcement agencies so that you can easily stay informed of all developments. We have a detailed internal review process to ensure that requests for information are either fulfilled or explained, if denied.  Our investigators will take a laptop computer to the jail to review the written and digital media with your client. Our detailed reporting means you do not even have to be present.

Give your client and yourself every opportunity to succeed. Partner with a professional investigator from CLI to involve your client in the discovery process. Call us today at 561-687-8381. You will be glad you did.