Why Choose Complete Legal Investigations, Inc?

why choose complete legal investigationsTimely action

Your schedule is filled with deadlines: status conferences, depositions, calendar calls and trial dates. You don’t have time to wonder whether your witness has been interviewed or documents have been obtained. At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., we understand your time constraints, and your time constraints become our time constraints. Witnesses must be identified and contacted, records have to be located and gathered, evidence has to be secured and maintained, and all of these things usually have to be done simultaneously! That’s why skilled trial attorneys choose Complete Legal Investigations. Our “team” approach of in-house researchers and bilingual field investigators provides our clients with the capability of gathering information from multiple sources simultaneously. No single investigator working alone can provide the depth of coverage or speed of results that we routinely provide to our attorney-clients.

Responsive communication

What’s the status of your case? The biggest complaint attorneys have about investigators is that they don’t answer calls or emails. What good is the information gathered by your investigator if you can’t get in touch with your investigator? At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., we provide our clients with regular status updates via email or phone calls. As your “adjunct staff,” we maintain constant contact with you as your target dates approach. Trial preparation requires communication; you have an obligation to inform the court of the status of your case, and we have an obligation to inform you of the status of your requests. As your trial or hearing date approaches, we are ready to respond to phone calls, text messages or emails immediately. There’s a lot at stake for you and your client; you need to know what’s happening with your case.

Competent professionalism

Lots of investigators claim to have “trial experience.” No one can match the trial experience provided by the team at Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. Since 1984, our staff has assisted attorneys prepare for thousands of trials in state and federal courts in Florida and across the country. From a simple DUI to first degree murder in state court; from illegal reentry after deportation to multi-million dollar fraud cases in federal court; from simple crash liability cases to billion-dollar tobacco litigation, the professional staff at Complete Legal Investigations has assisted counsel in every possible trial scenario. We provide comprehensive trial support for our attorney clients. We assist with witnesses, trial exhibits, and provide testimony in court and at deposition. Our investigators have appeared as witnesses in state and federal court, and are well-known in courthouses throughout the Southern District of Florida. Our contacts in law enforcement and state, county and municipal agencies are unmatched. We provide our clients with local, national and international coverage through our network of competent professionals all over the globe, acquired through thirty five years of hard-earned experience and communication with the best investigators in the world.