About Us

We Are a Preeminent Provider to the Legal Community

About Complete Legal InvestigativeWe are a preeminent provider of investigative, research, and litigation support to trial lawyers, criminal, family and probate attorneys.

In contrast to the media image of the “private eye” single-handedly tackling every assignment no matter how complex or routine, Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. was founded to provide our clients with a complete range of services performed by a team of dedicated staff members, each proficient in his or her own field. The investigative profession has been dramatically impacted by the exponential growth of technology and information in the past two decades. It is no longer practical or beneficial to be “all things to all clients.”

We assist attorneys in related fields of law. Attorneys in these fields prepare cases for litigation and require the same type of investigative services: interviews, record gathering and research. By concentrating our services, Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. obtains economies of scale not available to agencies that provide more generalized services.

While we do not serve process, we have affiliated ourselves with a company that specializes in that specific service and regularly refer our clients to that established and reputable firm. We also facilitate the service of process by conducting the investigation necessary to locate the witness or defendant.

If surveillance is required for a particular assignment, we contract with local service providers that we know and trust and whose integrity and competence meet our strict standards.  Our case manager will assign, monitor, and manage these activities to ensure proper handling of the assignment. If you have any questions please contact us today. 561-687-8381