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Family law Attorney Investigation ServicesChild support, alimony, custody, and distribution of marital assets: these are the issues at the heart of divorce litigation. A thorough and impartial investigation can resolve many of the acrimonious charges brought by an embittered spouse. From forensic accounting to surveillance, the staff at Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. can help you find the answers to the challenging questions your client faces.

We can help you by effectively providing the following family law attorney investigation services:

Asset investigations: Does your client have an accurate picture of the spouse’s assets?  Are there unaccounted tangible assets, such as buildings, equipment, inventory, or vehicles to be found?  Real estate purchased with a partner, friend, girlfriend or boyfriend?  These can be identified by careful investigation and research, utilizing our research staff, field investigators, fraud examiners, forensic examiners, and computer analysts.  The spouse’s lifestyle and spending habits can be established by surveillance and interviews.  Communications and online activities can be verified by computer analysis, and personal and corporate assets can be located and tracked.


  • Our team has the instincts and resources to conduct asset searches quickly, thoroughly, and reliably.
  • We thoroughly research all available sources to locate assets, rather than relying on a single proprietary database report, which is not always comprehensive or accurate.
  • We provide video and documentary evidence for introduction in depositions and hearings.
  • We provide a detailed analysis of complex financial transactions by certified fraud examiners and forensic accountants.

Alimony/support enforcement/modifications: An ex-spouse claims a “significant change in circumstances,” and now he can’t make the support he’s been ordered to pay. A “deadbeat dad” ignores or denies his responsibilities, making excuses for his willful underemployment. Surveillance can confirm his daily activities; bank and credit card records can be analyzed to determine spending patterns.


  • Relieve financial stress from worried moms
  • Hold dads accountable to judicial orders
  • Allow children to stay in private school, aftercare programs and sports activities

Criminal Background Checks: The ex-wife is dating again, and your client is hearing disturbing things from his children; late night fights, strangers at the house, mommy is crying more often. What does your client know about the new man in the picture? It is not unusual for a smooth talking scoundrel to take advantage of a single mom; in fact, it is almost a proverb. In-depth background checks can uncover a sordid history, or questionable character. This information can be used to persuade a change in circumstances, if not custody.


  • Peace of mind through knowledge
  • Protect children from abuse or exploitation
  • Uncover potential or actual criminal activities or history
  • Send strong signal of accountability

Domestic violence: Your client may be the victim of a violent partner and trapped in an untenable situation. Careful documentation of injuries sustained can assist the court in determining appropriate relief and protection. Witnesses, including family members or neighbors, may be able to confirm the allegations or prior incidents of abuse. Incident reports from local law enforcement agencies can document a pattern of abuse.


  • Quick action may save your client’s life
  • Ensure impartiality with third party investigation independently of law enforcement
  • Gather relevant documentation for presentation at emergency hearing

Child abuse: The safety of your client’s children from an angry or erratic spouse is an emergency priority. Verifying allegations of abuse must be completed quickly, carefully, and thoroughly. Our investigators can assist with an assessment of the circumstances to determine the validity of the claim. False allegations by embittered spouses are not uncommon, and a dispassionate review by trained investigators may be necessary to verify or discredit the accusation.


  • Impartial verification of a potentially dangerous situation
  • Quick action may save a child’s life
  • Gather relevant documentation for an emergency hearing

Probate, Trust and Guardianship: Do you suspect a caretaker, a family member or a guardian of fraud or exploitation? Do you need interviews from friends or business associates to document the mental capacity of a client? Probate and guardianship cases require sensitivity and strong interviewing skills to uncover signs of physical or mental deterioration. It takes a deft touch to maneuver witnesses through difficult interviews, and determination to obtain medical documentation from health care facilities.

As more of us become responsible for our aging parents while we continue our careers, we rely more frequently on outsiders to care for our loved ones. Who are these caretakers? Sometimes, predators can bilk thousands of dollars in cash or “gifts” from a sympathetic or slightly senile patient. If your client is concerned that a parent is being taken advantage of, a background check needs to be conducted. Interviews of associates and former patients and research and analysis of the caretaker’s employment history can help determine if there might be reason for concern.


  • Uncover potential criminal activity or exploitation
  • Prevent abuse or neglect
  • Protect a parent’s hard-earned assets and a future inheritance
  • Maintain peace of mind

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