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Criminal Attorney Investigation ServicesYour client has been charged with a criminal violation that could mean a long prison sentence or probation and loss of civil rights. The government or the state, with all of its resources, is ready to convict. You need a trained investigator to help you level the playing field and uncover reasonable doubt or provide you with information to mitigate the charges.

We can help you by effectively providing the following criminal attorney investigation services:

Discovery Process: Once the case has been assigned, our staff will begin a process of requesting all discovery materials. These materials include taped or written statements from the defendant and witnesses; videotapes or other media which contain statements or video related to the case; crime scene photographs or diagrams; or any of the other materials not included in the discovery provided by the prosecutor. This process is conducted and overseen by our inside investigator and researcher. Copies of all correspondence to law enforcement agencies will be provided to your office. We have developed a review process in order to ensure that requests are followed up in a timely manner.


  • Save hours of your time by utilizing our efficient discovery request services
  • Have all the information you need prior to deposition
  • Determine problems with witness statements or evidence availability

Initial Client Interview: With your approval, a comprehensive client interview will be conducted by our field investigator. Our investigators have conducted hundreds of interviews and are trained to guide the defendant through the interview process carefully and thoroughly. Our objective is to identify potential theories of defense without soliciting statements from the client which might preclude him or her from testifying in court. In addition to reviewing the probable cause affidavit and discussing the facts of the case, a comprehensive personal history will be obtained, including family and educational background, known or disclosed criminal history, and employment history for a potential bond hearing.


  • Your client gains confidence in your representation when that client sees an independent investigator assisting you
  • You receive objective feedback from a trained interviewer about your client’s story
  • You receive a carefully prepared report that documents the client’s version of events and contact information for family, employers, and witnesses

Background Checks: While our investigators conduct the client interview and begin the field investigation, our researchers undertake a comprehensive criminal history on listed witnesses. Certified copies of judgments and dispositions are obtained in each identified case; probable cause affidavits are also included in order to provide you with some background on the exact nature of the charges against the listed witness. A summary report is provided with the obtained court documents so you can easily review the cases in which the witness was involved.


  • Establish impeachment issues for state witnesses
  • Review certified copies of criminal convictions from local and out-of-state jurisdictions
  • Identify prior inconsistent statements or previous false allegations

Witness Interviews: Civilian witnesses listed by the state and named by the client will be contacted and interviewed, with reports of the interviews provided to you. On occasion, and at your instruction, recorded statements or written affidavits from witnesses are obtained. The recording of witness statements is performed at your direct request.


  • Clarify witness observations prior to deposition
  • Obtain an impression of a witness’ credibility from the investigator’s observation
  • Discover peripheral circumstances from witness contact, i.e. living arrangements, substance abuse, and influence from victim or other witnesses

Crime Scene Examination: Our field investigator will visit the location where the offense is alleged to have occurred, take photographs, and provide a rough sketch of the location to you. If a sketch by law enforcement is included in the discovery, that sketch is reviewed for accuracy. Digital and/or film photographs are developed and labeled for you.


  • Identify discrepancies or items of interest not reflected in the police reports
  • Discover plausibility of victim or witness statements in light of physical evidence
  • Document measurements and dimensions independently of law enforcement
  • Locate witnesses to the event not reported or interviewed by law enforcement

Reports: Written reports will be provided to you, reflecting all work done on your case. These will include the initial client interview, witness interviews, attempts to locate witnesses and other field work, and receipt of court documents. In addition, field investigators maintain handwritten notes that document all work done on the case. All reports are reviewed by the case manager for accuracy, clarity, and content.


  • Document every action taken on the case for future appellate issues
  • Clarify witness and client statements for reference during deposition and trial
  • Uncover issues for motions and evidentiary hearings

Testimony: Our investigators are available for testimony in court or at deposition. Our staff takes pride in its personal appearance–dresses and behaves appropriately in the courtroom. Each of our investigators has either testified in court or at deposition or has been run through a “mock” deposition with cross examination as an exercise to prepare him or her for eventual testimony. We are also available to assist you in the coordination of critical witness appearances, ensuring that key witnesses are present when needed in court.


  • Professional appearance and demeanor
  • Credible and concise testimony
  • Coordination of witnesses at trial or hearing

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