52Although divorce doesn’t change the love parents feel for their children, divorce almost always changes their relationship. Parents who are used to putting their children to bed at night and waking them up in the morning may find themselves relegated to a mid-week dinner and a sleepover every other weekend. Intimate knowledge of their child’s friends, teachers, projects, and curiosities is replaced by a stilted weekly Q&A session that leaves both parent and child feeling dissatisfied and vaguely sad. Even more difficult is the reality that one’s ex-spouse may develop a new romantic interest at some point and want to assimilate that person into the children’s life and, possibly, home.

Clients who eventually come to terms with the fact this new “friend” exists may become distraught when the new “friend” begins to spend time in close proximity to the client’s children. At Complete Legal Investigations, we think that is perfectly reasonable. The media is full of stories of divorced women who get duped out of their money, homes, and property by con men who prey on divorcees. Even worse are the cases of pedophiles that wine and dine lonely women in order to get to their children. The professional investigators at Complete Legal Investigations are here to help. We combine skill, sensitivity, and comprehensive investigations to either put parents’ minds at ease about who has intimate access to their children or give them the evidence they need to protect their children from new “friends” with malevolent intentions. Because we are not emotionally involved in the situation, we are able to offer an unbiased, fact-based perspective with detailed documentation that can be used in court if necessary.

CLI investigators have the professional tools and credentials to be able to uncover more information than your clients can uncover for themselves.  We have access to proprietary databases that are invaluable in verifying the identification and history of an ex-spouse’s new “friend.” In addition to checking national child abuse registries we research the “friend’s” history to determine if the “friend” has been a respondent in any domestic violence cases or criminal cases. We check for previous divorce files and review the “friend’s” employment and financial history, especially when support or alimony has been awarded to the client or their spouse. If necessary, we can interview acquaintances and conduct surveillance of the “friend’s” residence, place of employment, and comings and goings in order to provide you and your client with an accurate assessment of the “friend’s” identity, character, and history.

Call Complete Legal Investigations at 561-687-8381 for a complete background investigation when one of your clients is dealing with a “new friend.” We will provide information you need so your client can rest easy or the evidence you need to help your client protect their children.