SilverbulletAre you looking for potential “silver bullet” witnesses? Former employees are a great source of information, providing insights into past liability issues, training deficiencies, management problems, and history of complaints. But how do you locate them? Begin your search by contacting the professionals at Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., and let us assist you with our “Silver Bullet” Employee Locator Service.

We have developed a comprehensive system to identify former employees, using a combination of proprietary databases, public records, and social networking searches. Utilizing a systematic search process, we can often locate current and former employees, providing you with names and even dates of birth and contact information for some. This will provide you with the specific information you need for your interrogatories and depositions.

Large companies or small, it is difficult to keep employees from disclosing their employment or position with a company. In the proliferation of social media, people disclose their workplace, their position, their education, and sometimes even make comments about their working conditions. While some people are exercising more discretion in their online communication, many still continue to make potentially damaging comments without any effort to ensure their privacy settings are secure.

Case Study:  A client was trying to locate former employees of a national corporation operating several locations throughout South Florida. We were provided the employer’s business name, entity-type (corporation, limited liability company, etc.), and the specific address. Through our systematic search, we identified eight former employees of the same entity working at different store locations throughout the county. Others were identified in adjacent counties, as well. We also obtained a list of current employees by first name. Should litigation continue, some of these may become former employees and during the discovery process, their full names can be determined.

Will all those potential witnesses be beneficial to your case? There is no way to determine that until they are contacted. However, isn’t it better to have a name than not? And who might these contacts eventually lead you to?

What about small companies or businesses? Even here it is possible to locate individuals who have done business with the defendant company or have been employed there. In addition to the developed search patterns, specialized searches can be conducted to incorporate more detailed screening at a particular location. Sometimes these searches require more time, but they can often be very fruitful.

If you are looking for information about a defendant company, then you need to speak to former employees. And before you can speak to them, you have to identify them and locate them. So start your search at Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., and ask us about our “Silver Bullet” Employee Locator Service. Let us help you find the people you need for your case.

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