67Each fiscal year, the Justice Administrative Commission implements new procedures and policies.  This year is no different.  The following is a quick summary of the most recent updates from the JAC:

  • Supporting Documentation – If proper documentation is not received from the attorneys and due process providers, the JAC will now return the billing, rather than issue an audit deficiency.  The attorney must provide the order of appointment within 30 days of appointment, along with the charging document.  Other supporting documents include voucher covers, dispositions, hourly statements, and court’s progress dockets.  On indigent for costs cases, the JAC must be provided with all indigent for costs documents filed with the Clerk. The attorney must also execute a JAC Agreement for indigent for costs cases.  JAC cannot pay any due process costs until JAC receives all documents and the Agreement.  Complete information on supporting documentation can be found on the front page of the JAC Web site. http://www.justiceadmin.org/  All incomplete billings will now be returned to the provider, rather than an audit deficiency being sent to the provider.
  • Direct Deposit Mailings – Due to budgetary constraints, the JAC will no longer be mailing direct deposit notices when payments are made.  A breakdown of JAC payments is available online at https://flair.dbf.state.fl.us/caspub/vnpayhst.htm. You will need your Tax ID number to obtain payment information.
  • Untimely Billings – Two new additional penalties have been added for untimely billings by attorneys and due process providers as follows: Bills submitted one year following final disposition are subject to a 50% contractual penalty.  Bills submitted more than two years following final disposition are subject to a 75% contractual penalty.  These penalties only apply to cases that reach final disposition on or after 7/1/10.
  • Mitigation Specialists – Hourly rates cannot exceed $75 per hour.  This rate applies to all services rendered on or after 7/1/11, even though a trial court had previously authorized a higher rate for the mitigation specialist.
  • Mileage – Mileage will only be reimbursed for trips in excess of 50 miles one way. Mileage logs will no longer be accepted by the JAC for reporting of mileage. A travel voucher form approved by the Fla. Dept. of Financial Services must be used for requests for mileage reimbursements, pursuant to §112.061, F.S. This form can be found on the JAC website http://www.justiceadmin.org by clicking on Court Appointed Counsel; then click on Travel on the right side of the page.
  • W-9 Forms:  The JAC will no longer be using the IRS W-9 form for attorneys and due process providers.  The Fla. Dept. of Financial Services has issued a Substitute Form W-9 that must be completed by all attorneys and due process providers.  Information and the Substitute Form W-9 are available on DFS’s website at: http://www.myfloridacfo.com/aadir/SubstituteFormW9.htm. This form may be submitted electronically through DFS’s vendor website: https://flvendor.myfloridacfo.com.  Questions can be directed to the DFS’s Vendor Management Section at (850) 413-5519.

It’s always a good practice to visit the JAC website on a monthly basis to keep advised of the latest policies and procedures, since they seem to be changing on a frequent basis.  Also, be sure to check your email for any email notifications sent by the JAC.

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