A thermometer with mercury bursting through the glass, and the words Confidence Level, symbolizing a positive attitude

A thermometer with mercury bursting through the glass, and the words Confidence Level, symbolizing a positive attitude

Your business world is growing, both locally and globally. With each new opportunity comes an equal or greater potential for liability. There are external threats: competition, trade restrictions, energy costs, and regional instability. There are internal threats: workplace violence, employee theft, substance abuse, discrimination, and fraud. The slightest misstep could destroy a small business or compromise a large corporation.

At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., we offer you complete confidence through information. We understand the issues facing employers and corporate officers. We work closely with your attorneys and human resource managers to navigate the turbulent waters of workplace investigations. We uncover the hidden dangers that, left undetected, can sink your company.

We are a preeminent provider of investigative services to banks, businesses, corporations, investment firms, and public entities. Let the experienced staff at Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. guide you successfully through the internal challenges you face in the workplace.

Although the media loves to promote the image of the “private eye” single-handedly tackling every assignment, the investigative profession has been dramatically impacted by the exponential growth of technology and information in the past two decades. It is no longer practical or beneficial to be “all things to all clients.” Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. provides our clients with a complete range of services performed by a team of business and legal investigators, dedicated professionals each proficient in his or her own field.

We help business owners and corporations uncover internal threats to their enterprises. We provide financial research for due diligence or judgment collection; theft or employee dishonesty investigations; fraud detection and forensic computer analysis; and conduct internal workplace investigations into allegations of substance abuse, discrimination, harassment, and violence.

At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., we help businesses and corporations uncover risk and internal threats that might jeopardize their profitability and stability. We conduct interviews, research, and forensic analysis to identify theft, fraud, sabotage, or policy violations. We serve our clients and their legal representatives as adjunct “internal” investigators and researchers, providing closely supervised work and frequent communication with our clients in order to create an effective “team” environment.

By concentrating our services, Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. obtains economies of scale not available to agencies that provide more generalized services. When a special assignment arises, we contract with reputable service providers that we know and trust, and whose integrity and competence we can vouch for. Call us today at 561-687-8381when you need the job done right.