84Preparing for successful litigation requires instinct and experience. It also involves quite a bit of “heavy lifting.” That is, digging through the sometimes thousands of irrelevant scraps of information looking for the critical facts you need to help win your case, or conducting thorough background research to prevent unpleasant “surprises” about a witness or an expert. And if you want to identify possible impeachment issues early, or establish a history of previous litigation, you’re looking at even more hours of research, referencing, and review.

Often in litigation, it is imperative to document specific facts with records or reports maintained by businesses, medical facilities, municipalities, and courthouses. Courthouse research is painstaking work. It should be done in person and should include all counties in which the subject has lived. Do you have the time to go to the applicable courthouse to pull and review court files? Is that really the best use of your time? It can be difficult to balance your need for information with the constraints of time, energy and resources, but the right information and documentation can make all the difference in whether you win or lose. What can you do?

One thing you can do is consider hiring a professional legal investigator. A qualified investigator has the specific skills necessary to track down information that is important to your case. They know what to look for, where to find it, and the best way to access and document key details. The professionals at Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. (CLI) have experience researching all types of court cases, including civil, domestic, probate, and criminal. Time and time again they have found seemingly unrelated pieces of information that were in fact closely tied together, and their persistence is what ultimately put all of the puzzle pieces together.

Our researchers and investigators are intimately familiar with the process of obtaining documents, records, and reports from these sources. Documents are requested in writing by mail, e-mail, or facsimile to maintain a record of the request and to ensure accountability by the recipient. We access our nationwide network of records retrievers to obtain out-of-state documents, and we maintain frequent contact with all local law enforcement agencies to facilitate our records requests.

Our investigators will identify all courthouse personnel who can assist with your requests for information, and they will follow up until all requested records have been obtained. They will review all cases for possible pertinent information and obtain copies of court documents, including certified copies of any judgments of conviction. If transcripts of court hearings are available, we will order them too.

CLI investigators are careful and comprehensive. If you need a background check, we will complete one for you that is second to none. With our extensive research capabilities we can obtain detailed historical, financial, and professional background information that you need to know to develop your case. We use a full range of online and traditional sources to help you ascertain the credibility of a witness, determine the accuracy of an expert’s curriculum vitae, or document the financial viability of a defendant corporation.

We appreciate the value of information, and we exhaust all legal means to obtain the facts you need. When you need background checks or other courthouse research, make sure you call Complete Legal Investigations at 561-687-8381. We’ll get it done for you!