40A person’s computer may tell more about them than any other source. Today, 90% of all business and personal data is found on computers, yet less than 30% is ever printed. [SOURCE: http://www.infosecurityconsult.com/forensics.htm]

What does that mean for you and your clients? It means that a respondent’s own computer may help you win your client’s case. The evidence you need to prove infidelity (though not a legal issue in most courts) may be found on the respondent’s computer. The records that prove a respondent is concealing funds may be there too. Computer forensics can also show attempts to delete, hide or change information, which can help you establish cause, intent, or a pattern of behavior.

Why do people save self-incriminating evidence on their computers? Electronic communication is quick and convenient. Also, many people assume that a computer is more secure than a traditional “paper trail.” They make the mistake of speaking too freely or becoming careless when chatting online. Some assume that they can simply delete incriminating data if need be, and they are surprised (and dismayed) to learn that a computer retains every bit of data that has ever been entered into it. Illicit appointments, flirtatious emails, covert money transfers… it’s all in there. The trick is to know how to get the information out and introduce it into evidence.

Lawfully accessing digital information requires an attorney’s knowledge and advice. You may recover the information you need for your client’s case, only to have it ruled inadmissible as evidence due to a procedural error in collection of the data.  Even if the data is collected properly, it must be properly preserved to be introduced as evidence. Unless you have the time, training, and resources to properly conduct computer forensics yourself, you could invest a lot of time and hope and end up with nothing. Call Complete Legal Investigations. We will do it for you!

Our forensics investigators are qualified and certified. They have the expertise to retrieve and recover the information you need, including information that has been deliberately hidden, encrypted, deleted or erased. Our experts understand the intricacies of computer forensics and can testify as to the process used to conduct the analysis.

We are living in a digital age. Neither you nor your clients can afford to ignore digital evidence. A key piece of evidence you need to win a case may be locked in a respondent’s computer. We can unlock it for you. You can count on the computer forensic investigators at CLI to preserve, identify, extract, document and interpret the computer data you need for your case.  If you need a computer forensics expert, call us today at 561-687-8381. Let us do what we do best so you can do what you do best.