Documenting Crash Scenes | InvestigatorsDriving an automobile is a highly risky activity, yet most of us drive habitually, routinely, day after day after day. The more a person drives, the greater their chances of being involved in a vehicle accident and possibly ending up in court to settle liability and/or personal injury claims. Law enforcement personnel are often the first responders to a crash scene. They are trained to secure the scene, assess the need for medical support, and documenting crash scenes, but they are not usually trained in the complexities of crash reconstruction. Since most accidents involving serious injury or death will result in criminal or civil charges it is essential to work with a qualified investigator who has the skill, experience, confidence and technology to quickly and accurately document the crash scene.

If your client faces charges following a car accident, the presentation of the facts is almost as important as the facts themselves. That is to say that it is not enough for a crash report to be thorough and detailed; it must also speak to the jury in a way they will understand and respond to. Measurements and markings can help details the sequence of events, but they don’t convey the impact of the events on those involved. The investigators at Complete Legal Investigations offer the high-level expertise you need following the trauma of a vehicle accident. We are familiar with the requirements of crash reconstruction and documentation as well as how to present the documentation in a way that resonates with the jury.

Our professional investigators quickly arrive on site to thoroughly examine the crash scene and accurately capture the physical aspects of the scene. We use state-of-the-art technology to immediately obtain preliminary measurements and develop an initial diagram to use for reference in case the scene changes. We record the position and orientation of involved vehicles as well as roadway features that may bear on the chain of events. Our investigators generate a detailed map and diagram that presents the most likely sequence of events, and we thoroughly document our findings in writing and with photographs and video. We back up all of our documentation digitally to prevent critical information from being lost or compromised.

At Complete Legal Investigations we understand that many people find it difficult to articulate and think clearly immediately following an accident. However, time is of the essence, and we work deftly with witnesses, law enforcement, and emergency responders to obtain statements and the documentation necessary to either support or refute those statements in court. We record the details of the crash scene so that you can bring them to life for the jury.

No one wants to be involved in a vehicle accident, yet people are all around the country, every day. The first hour following an accident is the most critical for documenting crash scenes. It can also be the most volatile. The time to have a relationship with a professional investigator is before you or your client needs one. Call Complete Legal Investigations today at 561-687-8381 or visit for more information about us and our investigation services.

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