45According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, most drivers will be involved in at least one vehicle collision during their lifetime, and one in three people will be injured or killed. If you have ever been involved in a car accident you know that it can be alarming, disorienting, stressful, and frightening. Most people find it difficult to think clearly in that circumstance, yet clear thinking is imperative to ensure your physical and legal protection. An accident that results in serious injury or death often leads to criminal charges. Whether you or your client are the cause or the victim of an accident, you need clear, comprehensive, immediate documentation of the crash vehicles and details of the crash to support your claims regarding liability, negligence, and personal injury.

The investigators at Complete Legal Investigations are experienced in documenting crash vehicles. We know what information plaintiff attorneys need to extract from the scene, and we have the skills and the technology to recover that information quickly, thoroughly, and digitally.

We document quickly – Speed is important because the more time that passes between an accident and a report, the greater the chances of important details being forgotten, confused, or overlooked. We gather and preserve relevant information about crash vehicles in order to help you defend your clients, and we verify that all details on the police report are accurate.

We document thoroughly – Our field investigators work at the site of the accident, taking photographs, measurements, and videotape if necessary. All vehicles are located and photographed, and digital and film photographs are promptly developed and labeled for security. Our field investigators are trained in how to produce a rough sketch of a crash location, which can be helpful to you in court and with your client’s insurance company.  We are also available to photograph your client’s injuries after the accident and after any surgical or medical procedures.

We document digitally – You have probably seen how missing or damaged evidence can make the difference between winning and losing a case. Our field investigators take full advantage of digital technology to preserve relevant details of the crash vehicles and share that information with you. In addition to taking digital photographs, all of our field reports are backed up and stored digitally to mitigate the risks of lost or damaged paperwork. Following a serious car accident your client needs to focus on recovery from their emotional and physical trauma. You need to focus on developing your court case. Let Complete Legal Investigations relieve you and your clients of the burden of documenting crash vehicles.

You know that the difference between success and failure is in the details. The field investigators at Complete Legal Investigations are trained to capture every relevant detail of crash vehicles. They have the knack and the know how to identify discrepancies or items of interest not reflected in the police reports, to discover plausibility of witness statements, and to document damages and injuries. Our measurements and dimensions, collected independently of law enforcement, can help you prepare to win your client’s case.

In the event of an accident you need an investigator who is experienced and knowledgeable of plaintiff attorney objectives. You need an investigator who knows how to prepare a thorough report documenting all of the details including when, where, and who took the photographs. You need the top-notch team at Complete Legal Investigations at 561-687-8381.