51He who mounts a wild elephant goes where the wild elephant goes.
~Randolph Bourne

Once considered “Space Age technology”, GPS (Global Positioning System) has become a fixture in mainstream society. It is built into many vehicles at the design stage and added on after market in many others. GPS can be a useful tool to enhance professional investigations, but there are legal restrictions, functional limitations, and logistical challenges that must be considered in order for the information uncovered through GPS to be useful to you and your client and permissible in court.

If you hire a private investigator who uses GPS devices, you need to make sure he or she is familiar with the Florida laws that govern the placement of such a device in or on a vehicle. Like many other issues related to technology, privacy advocates are challenging the use of GPS devices in certain cases. Your investigator needs to be aware of any circumstances which might prohibit the use of electronic monitoring equipment.

As good as GPS technology is, it is not a substitute for actual surveillance. GPS surveillance merely tracks the location of a vehicle; it does not identify the driver or activities taking place at the locations. CLI investigators use GPS as a tool to enhance our investigative skill, using the information obtained with GPS to hone our surveillance strategy for maximum efficiency. We only place GPS devices on vehicles that the client owns or co-owns, is a registrant or co-registrant, and we always document the ownership interest in the vehicle prior to placing a GPS device. We are committed to giving you more information that can help build your case, not information that will be ruled inadmissible because a GPS use law was violated.

The logistics of using GPS during an investigation can often be tricky. It can be challenging to find a place on a vehicle undercarriage where the magnetized GPS box will affix. Also, a subject who suspects that he or she is being surveilled may keep a close eye on their vehicle to make sure no one installs a tracking device. CLI investigators have “seen it all,” and if there is a need to use GPS in the investigation, we persist until the device is in place. CLI investigators are experienced with using GPS devices in surveillance and we always conform to existing legal and ethical considerations.

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