flat rate pricing for backgrounds Since so many crash cases have similar fact scenarios, one of the variables is the backgrounds of the drivers involved. Here at Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., we can provide our plaintiff attorney-clients with consistency in the information available to them.

Working with our associates in Tallahassee, we are pleased to offer a variety of report packages that will give you, the justice lawyer, a comprehensive picture of the adverse driver or defendant, or even your own client.

These services include flat rate pricing for a variety of reports, including the following:

  • Crash reports from law enforcement agencies
  • Florida criminal history reports (FDLE)
  • Archived Florida traffic accident reports from DHSMV
  • Florida vehicle title histories
  • Florida worker’s compensation claim summaries
  • Florida driver license histories

We have also packaged some of these reports for a more comprehensive view of individual drivers:

  • FL traffic accident history/workers comp claim search
  • FL DL search/traffic accident history/workers comp claim search
  • FL DL search/traffic accident history/workers comp claim search/criminal history (FDLE) search

Outside our local service area, we work with other investigators and records retrievers to obtain reports from law enforcement agencies, courts, and government offices. In some cases, hourly rates may apply.

Do you need a recorded, transcribed witness statement? We utilize a thorough interview format designed to elicit specific, detailed information from witnesses. Transcripts are emailed to you for your digital client folders. Our statement formats include the following:

  • Vehicle crashes
  • Vehicle vs. pedestrian crashes
  • Slip and falls
  • Dog bites

We also have trained investigators who can assist you with your client intake needs (when a client is unable to come to your office) and to document the crash scene, vehicle(s) and injuries.

For a fee schedule, email us at InvestigativeReport@completelegalinv.com, or call us at (561) 687-8381.