37The Hippocratic oath includes a physician’s pledge to do no harm to patients. This oath applies equally in the event of medical failure as it does in success. In the unfortunate event of medical malpractice, “doing no harm” means compensating a patient as ordered by the court. Sadly, some physicians choose not to carry malpractice insurance, thinking that this will prevent a patient from filing suit against them. It is important to know that doctors who practice in the state of Florida, with or without malpractice insurance, are required to maintain sufficient assets to cover any claim made against them. Your medical malpractice clients rely on you to uncover assets their doctor may have hidden. You can rely on Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. to help you find those assets.

A physician without malpractice insurance likely has other substantial assets that we can uncover for you and your client. He or she may have assets or coverage available through affiliates and other entities in which he or she has an ownership interest, e.g., assets of a Limited Partnership (LP), Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), or another corporate entity. The physician may have transferred assets into their spouse’s name, parents’ names, or even childrens’ names, in order to avoid discovery, and he or she may hold assets overseas or in offshore accounts.

Do you know where to look and how to find hidden assets? Do you have the breadth and depth of proprietary resources necessary for asset discovery? Do you really want to spend your valuable time conducting a thorough asset search? Even if you had the time, asset searching is a murky business, and laws broken during an asset search can jeopardize your case. At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., we are well-versed in the laws that govern asset searches, and we are skilled at using whatever legal means are necessary to find the information you need.

Here are some examples of tangible assets we have successfully uncovered for our clients:

  • buildings
  • equipment
  • inventory
  • cash and cash equivalents
  • vehicles
  • short-term investments
  • prepaid expenses

Intangible assets are more difficult to evaluate because they are nonphysical and easier to hide. An uninsured physician may have considerable wealth in intangible assets, and discovery of these requires the assistance of a seasoned professional investigator. Our investigators are experienced in the recovery of intangible assets such as:

  • goodwill
  • copyrights
  • trademarks
  • patents
  • computer programs
  • bonds
  • stocks

The cost of an asset search usually depends at least in part on the scope of the search and the number of resources involved. Therefore, it is in your best interest to work with a professional investigator who has the instincts and resources to conduct asset searches quickly, thoroughly, and reliably.

At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., we are committed to doing everything we can legally do to help you recover assets for your clients. We are driven by our high ethical standards and our unflagging enthusiasm for justice.

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