39Marriage is a sacred trust between two people. If either person violates that trust, the consequences can be devastating, and the marriage is at risk of collapse.  Some spouses who suspect a broken trust develop such intense fear and suspicion that they are driven to spy on their mates to either confirm their fidelity or prove their infidelity.

Whether or not the person being surveilled is actually guilty of any wrongdoing, their discovery of the spying may rupture the marriage beyond repair. A client who discovers their spouse is electronically monitoring  (“bugging”) them, or even one who merely suspects it, may suffer intense, prolonged feelings of fear, anxiety, loss of trust, violation, resentment, depression, and grief. Secret surveillance costs the victim his or her peace of mind and sense of security.

Although still unusual, spousal spying has become more commonplace. The internet provides broad access to a variety of surveillance devices, making it relatively easy for a suspicious spouse to monitor their mate undetected.

Video and audio recording devices are no longer just the stuff of spy thrillers. They become smaller and less conspicuous every year, and a percentage of people buy them for the express purpose of spying on their mate. Your client may be unknowingly victimized by hidden cameras, computer software, or listening devices such a phone bug, cell phone bug, or audio recording device. Many of these devices are completely soundless and can be planted in the home and turned on and accessed remotely.

Imagine… your client’s most private moments may be recorded without their knowledge or consent!  Information gathered without your client’s knowledge may be used to disrupt their plans and activities or ruin their credit, reputation, or career. How can you help a client who suspects that they are being electronically monitored? Call Complete Legal Investigations. We can help!

You probably know about phone “bugs”, but can you tell the difference between an air duct and an air duct fitted with an audio/video device? Our investigators can and do. Proper “sweeping” can only be done by an experienced professional. At CLI, our associates have access to the state-of-the art equipment and technology necessary to detect covert monitoring in the home or place of business.

Our investigators are trained to identify those areas most vulnerable to spying and to locate illicit listening and recording devices. Although electronic surveillance remains unlikely, it is nevertheless a potentially real and devastating threat.

If you or your client suspects he or she is being electronically monitored, call CLI today at 561-687-8381. We will work with you to take back the privacy and restore peace of mind to your client.