25Although the decision to divorce is made by adults, the consequences of that decision are often felt most deeply by the children. Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. can help your clients protect themselves and their children from excessive divorce-related damage and parental alienation. We conduct professional interviews with family members and other witnesses to help you refute false allegations and defend against unethical attempts to alienate your clients’ children from them.

Many parents draft their children as ambivalent allies in the grown up battle for assets, property and custody. Some parents think they score emotional points and gain power by turning a child against the other parent. Others use their children to prop up false or exaggerated allegations of abuse or neglect in hopes of gaining custody. When children are used as weapons, they lose far more than either parent gains and may never fully recover from the devastating effects of parental alienation. The long-term effects of parental alienation syndrome (PAS) are well-documented and disturbing.

Attempts at parental alienation take many forms, such as insulting or complaining about the other parent, denying visitation, pretending to forget to deliver messages or mail from the other parent, and punishing the child (with anger or withdrawal of affection) for expressing love or loneliness for the other parent. Other forms of alienation are more subtle, such as moving far enough away that visitation becomes difficult, using the child as a confidante, and adopting a victim posture to garner sympathy from the child.

Parental alienation can damage relationships with extended family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers, as people feel pressured to “choose sides.” This erosion of a personal support network can leave both parents feeling isolated and overwhelmed, prompting them to escalate their battle with each other in a desperate attempt to “win” the children and secure some emotional security.  Professional witness and family interviews can be your client’s best defense against allegations of abuse and malicious attacks by one parent against another. You are in the unique position of having both a right and a responsibility to delve into your clients’ personal relationships, and Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. can help you make your search fruitful.

At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. we have the instinct and experience to defeat parental alienation with relevant facts. We approach witness interviews with a unique blend of sensitivity and focus that puts witnesses at ease and encourages their honest disclosure. Our thorough documentation of allegations and witness testimony provide a clear picture of both the threats facing your client and the supports available to them, so you can best position your client in divorce and custody proceedings.

Emotions run high leading up to and during a divorce. Our objective analysis can make the difference between a marriage that ends and one that ends tragically. Help your clients protect themselves and their children. Call Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. at 561-687-8381 for professional witness and family interviews.