80Asset searching is a murky business. People who hide their assets do so with the intention of eluding discovery, and most go to great lengths to foil investigation and prevent detection. They may use someone else’s name to hide their assets or set up trusts, shell corporations, partnerships or multiple bank and investment accounts. To further complicate the matter, it is not always clear exactly what constitutes an asset, which may confound the search process.

However, one thing about asset search is always clear; certain search methods are legal and others are not. Failure to abide by asset search laws can cost you time, money, professional trust, and client confidence that you can’t afford to lose.  Adherence to law is the hallmark of a professional investigator. At Complete Legal Investigations we are well-versed in the laws that govern asset searches, and we are skilled at using whatever legal means are necessary to find the information you need.

The more informed you are about the legalities of asset search the more successful you will be at finding the right investigator to conduct your search. For example, when conducting an asset search it is legally permissible to locate accounts the person has with signatory authority; to find out how much is in, or runs through, the account(s); to find assets and/or pictures of assets on social media networks such as Facebook, My Space, etc.; and to search public records. It is not legal to run a credit report, acquire/investigate a bank account # or who else is on it, review tax forms or tax returns, or see the corporate structure in the state of Florida.

The cost of an asset search usually depends at least in part on the scope of the search and the number of resources involved. Therefore, it is in your best interest to work with a professional investigator who has the instincts and resources to conduct asset searches quickly, thoroughly, and reliably. At Complete Legal Investigations our access to proprietary databases and other resources allows us to deliver exactly what our clients are looking for – timely, comprehensive, legal asset searches with verifiable results to satisfy due diligence requirements.

We help you:

  • Reduce costly litigation, if coverage and assets prove insufficient
  • Identify potential assets that could be executed against (vehicles, boats, and real property not homesteaded)
  •  Establish business holdings and other entities for future collection

Chances are your time is more valuable than ever, with ever-increasing demands on your energy and attention. We can help you satisfy your clients’ needs without sacrificing your own. Call Complete Legal Investigations today at 561-687-8381 for more information or to request an asset search.