A civil attorney’s number one priority is to prove who the responsible party is.  However, establishing liability can prove very difficult when a witness is hard to locate

Locating Hard to Find Witnesses

At Complete Legal Investigations, we equip our expert investigators with the tools to locate missing witnesses when all other avenues have reached a dead end.  Our team has access to proprietary databases and motor vehicle portals that others do not.  By using social media “data mining” strategies, we locate current employment, vehicles, and relationships that lead to a place of business or residence.  We then work with your process server to effect service on the defendant to get your case moving forward.

Benefits to choosing Complete Legal Investigations to locate your hide to find witnesses include resolving the case faster, your client receiving their benefits quicker and you getting your payday sooner.
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The Complete Legal Investigation Difference

We set ourselves apart from other investigators by using a team approach rather than one investigator trying to juggle all aspects of the investigation. Our field investigators lead interviews, our researchers collect documents and records, and our transcriber prepares reports. The team concept allows us to complete assignments quickly and provides our clients with thorough and consistent results. Managing a larger volume of cases provides our agency with economies of scale not available to sole operatives, allowing us to pass on the cost savings to our clients.

We know seeing is believing.  Check out our testimonial page to see how we are helping attorneys and law firms like you solve cases quicker and build better relationships with their clients.

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